Chicago Fashion Connect attended Kayoua Xiong first gallery opening held at the Fashion Market, documented by Indian Wedding Cinematic Films where she exhibited her Fine-Art Fashion Photography. We’ve caught up with Kayoua for an interview about her exhibition, inspiration, and photography.

Kayoua, last week you had your first gallery opening. How did it feel to have your work displayed in a gallery for the first time?

Kayoua: I was very excited to have my work be displayed for the first time.

What inspired you to do this project? And how long did it take you to get from the idea to the final work?

Kayoua: In the past, I did a lot of nude paintings and drawings and thought maybe I should start photographing them also. I have always been inspired by Purple Magazine and wanted to do something similar, which this gallery allowed me to express. I also really wanted to not just “show some photos”, but also make a statement that I believed in, and make “art that matters”. The gallery planning and photo shoots began all the way back in January, actually.

“I created this collection to encourage women to embrace sexuality and not fear it and stand strong together.”


Your work is very daring and some pictures are very revealing. Have you ever worried about how people would react?

Kayoua: I see myself more as an artist than a photographer. Photography is another medium that I have come to learn and use but in the end, I still express the same emotions as in my paintings, sculpting, etc…To me to be an artist is to dare, to push the boundaries. I used to paint long ago and my paintings mean so much to me. As time passed I began to find that photography was not enough for me, I wanted to express emotions in my photos. I wanted to move people, to make them feel the emotions that I felt through my artwork.

I am not worried about how people would react because this is art. I created this collection to encourage women to embrace sexuality and not fear it and stand strong together. It is not playboy or about promiscuity, but simply accepting, and celebrating, ourselves for who we are sexual. Every model I photographed was a volunteer who was genuinely excited to be part of the gallery.

If I’m too afraid to show and reveal and my artwork, then I wouldn’t bother to be an artist. I am very happy for this collection, although there is so much more I wish I could have added. It’s a start though, and I am excited to see what more I can put together in the future.

Style: "Neutral", Head Studio

What was your approach to these photoshoots? Did you have everything planned out in advance? Or did you work with it as it was happening with the location and the models?

Kayoua: I thought about this since January, but couldn’t quite get a clear vision until closer to summer. Like I said every model I photographed was excited and very interested in the project, so that helped. I did plan everything specifically for the gallery, although I didn’t always know what angle of photography I wanted to take- fine art, fashion, commercial, or journalistic nudes, or average everyday women vs models? In the end, I turned to my fashion models, because fashion in art is where my vision has always been.



How did you discover your passion for photography?

Kayoua: By pure luck actually, I’m so glad I eventually found what I wanted to do, coming from a family who doesn’t support art makes it very difficult for me. But eventually, I got the guts to fight for my own dream with help from someone who’s very close to me. Otherwise, I probably would have never stepped foot into the artist’s world.

Early on, I did not get a chance to do much photography, just a little black and white film photography in high school. A teacher actually entered me in a few city contests and I won, and they displayed my artwork at the University of Minnesota, and in one of the smaller museums, I forget which ones. Back then I didn’t think much of it and did not even consider photography as a career, although the experience was fun.

I moved to Chicago a few years ago, to finish college, and started to do wedding photography, which I had no experience in. Soon after, I came upon ModelMayhem and started shooting friends and aspiring models and that’s how it all got started. At first, it was a hobby, then I got more serious, and switched my major from advertising to photography in my senior year.

With one gallery opening under your belt, what are plans to do now? Are you planning new projects?

Kayoua: Yes I am definitely planning for new projects and hope I will only continue to advance from here on. I can’t say yet what the next project is because I haven’t finalized it yet, but I am planning on doing another gallery in a year.

Photographs in this article courtesy of and taken by Kayoua Xiong. Please visit her site KX Photography to see the entire portfolio.

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